For us, online consultations are a lovely way to meet and speak with new people and learn about their homes. We find them enjoyable, engaging and often provide a welcome breath of fresh air from intense project work.

For our clients, these sessions are a very valuable resource, enabling them to tap into expertise in an ad-hoc manner as they require it. Clients are usually very pleasantly surprised by how much they benefit from it, and often only need one session to get answers to the questions that have been niggling.

We can cover the following topics in our sessions, which typically last 1 hour. We recommend that you choose one or two from the list to cover in an hour-long session.

01 Advice on Plans & Layouts of Rooms

02 Advice on Interior Finishes

03 Advice on Kitchen Design & Space Optimisation

04 Advice on Furniture Selections

05 Advice on Window Treatments

06 Advice on Lighting Design

07 Advice on Bathroom Design

08 Advice on Bespoke Joinery

09 Advice for Aspiring Designers

10 Interior Architectural Advice for Construction professionals

Please note, while we are happy to give advice, we cannot specify Interior finishes in an online consultation.

Fee per 1 hour Session:

ā‚¬300 inc. VAT with Barbara or Susan

We require plans and or/photographs to be forwarded to us in advance of the session.