Our in-house workshop is an intensive, practical-style session in our Athlone studio whereby Susan and her team meet with you to discuss your project and provide an on-the-spot Design Service.

This session is usually between 1-2 hours depending on the project, and we are generally able to cover a lot in one session, from offering advice on your plans and sketching design ideas for you, straight through to selecting finishes for your home.

These sessions are usually a mix of idea generation, problem solving and collaboration, and our clients walk away from the session feeling like they have a much clearer vision of how to take their project forward.

Cost per session: €600


We will release new dates in September. Please book an Online Consultation if you need design services before that time.


Who would benefit from a Workshop Session?

These sessions are particularly useful for those embarking on a Construction project. We always start with your plans to ensure that there are no red-flags or potential problem areas. If your plans are in a good state, we move on to the next item on your list. Typically clients wish to discuss Kitchen and Bathroom Designs, as the early design of these spaces are critical to the build process. Other times, clients wish to discuss lighting design, floor finishes, wall finishes or Interior design schemes for particular rooms. We try to fit as much as we can into the 2-hour session, but what can be covered is as variable as the projects themselves and the stages they are at.

What is the difference between an Online Consultation and a Workshop Session?

Apart from one being online and the other in-person, during an Online Consultation, we can give on-the-spot advice that covers any aspect of design as necessary. These are beneficial for obtaining expert advice in an ad-hoc manner as you require it. These sessions are particularly useful for reviewing plans and layouts.

During a Workshop session we can give on-the-spot advice and also conceptually design on-the-spot. We can also pull finishes together from our extensive design library to assemble a key set of finishes for your home or room. Because you are there with us, we can even select final finishes like flooring, tiles, paint colours and fabrics.

Many clients book an Online Consultation first to review plans / layouts and subsequently book a Workshop session to work out the design of particular areas and / or choose finishes.

What is the "take home" from a Workshop Session?

Whatever sketches and designs we work on during the Workshop session are yours to take away. We usually take photos of these in case we need them for reference in future sessions with you.

If we work on finishes and create sample boards & colour schemes, we photograph these for you with all the references so you have all the specific detail necessary. We do not have multiples of most of our samples, so unfortunately you cannot take these with you, but you can order or view these direct with the supplier after the session if you wish.

What is the after service of a Workshop Session?

Since this is an "on-the-spot" design session, there is no after service. Many of our clients however are repeat customers who go on to book further Consultations or Workshop sessions as necessary as they move through their Construction Project.

Could we hire you to work on our project outside of these sessions?

We do offer a Full Design Service which you can book with us subject to our availability. It is worth noting that we do not take on Construction projects if the build has commenced, but we can offer Room Design Services in some instances if we have the resource availability at the time.