Our E-Design services are typically for clients who need more design assistance than on-the-spot advice sessions. We work with you on key areas of your home and give you the tools to implement the design with your build team.

This can be in the form of a concept design package, a technical package, a specification package, or a combination of all, depending on client requirements. It can also be for one room or an entire home as necessary.

E-Design can be described as a more "hands-off" approach compared to our Full Design Service. It allows you to access the expertise you need to complete your project to the desired standard.

Given the nature of this E-Design service, we do not visit site or liaise with the construction team, so it will require you to project manage the interior design of your home and relay all necessary information to your building team, suppliers, trades and vendors for design implementation.

Since there is wide variety in the scope of service with E-Design services, please get in touch to discuss your requirements and we can quote you more accurately.

E-Design Services start from : €2500 + VAT


If you wish to speak to us about a E-Design Service project for 2024/25, please book a call time to discuss the possibility of us working together.


Who would benefit from E-Design Services?

This service is particularly useful for those embarking on a Home Renovation or Construction project, be it a full home or a portion of a home, and is suited to both self-builders and those who will have a building Contractor. Typically, most clients innately know if they will need expert help with a project, be it because of time constraints or lack of knowledge. Most are fearful of making costly mistakes and engage our services so they can have the confidence to take their project forward and implement it to the desired standard. In terms of cost, it is less expensive than our Full Design Service, and so it is a more cost-effective way of engaging our services.

What is the difference between E-Design and Full service Design?

For E-Design, we work with you as our client, and you take that information forward to implement with your Building team, trades, vendors and suppliers. In our Full Design Service, we provide a fully comprehensive Interior Architecture, Interior Design and Interior Styling service for the project from pre-construction to project completion. During this process, we liaise with architects, contractors and tradespeople throughout the build process, and retailers, suppliers & vendors for  finishes, fixtures & accessories for the Interior fit-out. In Summary, E-Design is a more "hand-off" service, and Full Design is a more "hands-on" service.

What is the output from E-Design Services?

This varies widely depending on the Scope of service. It is typically a combination of a Concept Design Presentation, supported by Technical Detail drawings and FF&E Specification schedules as necessary. 

Is there any after-service once the E-Design service ends?

Should you choose to engage us for this service, we will outline an agreed schedule of works and a timeline for deliverables. Once this service is complete, there is no after-service from us as we will have provided with you the agreed information necessary as per your scope of service. You can, however, book an Online Consultation at any time if there are questions / decisions you are uncomfortable making, if there are design variations, or you simply just want to run through things with us as you progress through the project implementation stage.

When is the best time to engage you for this service?

We require time to complete the entire E-Design Service with you prior to it commencing on site. This service typically takes between 2-6 months, depending on the size of the project, and when we are available to commence works with you. It is always best to get in touch as soon as you are thinking about a project to ensure you make your way into our Project Pipeline. 

Unfortunately we cannot offer this service to you if your project has already commenced, but we can help you with advice and guidance through our Online Consultation services.