Our Online Consultation sessions are a very valuable resource for our clients, enabling them to tap into our expertise in an ad-hoc manner as they require it and talk about any aspect of design as necessary.

Clients are usually very pleasantly surprised by how much they benefit from it, and often only need one session to get answers to the questions that have been niggling.

We can cover the following topics in our sessions, which typically last 1 hour. We recommend that you choose one or two from the list to cover in an hour-long session.

- Advice on Plans & Layouts of Rooms

- Advice on Interior Finishes

- Advice on Kitchen Design

- Advice on Space Optimisation

- Advice on Furniture Selections

- Advice on Window Treatments

- Advice on Lighting Design

- Advice on Bathroom Design

- Advice on Bespoke Joinery

Cost per session: €300

Client Requirements:

Plans / Photos uploaded in advance of session

Please note:

We can not always specify exact Interior finishes/furniture in an online consultation due to the 1 hour time constraint, but we endeavour to fit as much in as possible.

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Who would benefit from an Online Consultation?

These sessions are particularly useful for those embarking on either a Construction project or a Design Project.

For a Construction Project, we typically work through the Plans and Layouts, progressing to Lighting Design, Kitchen Design, Bathroom Designs or any other areas as required in subsequent sessions to guide you through the build process.

For a Design Project, we can give advice on Room Designs, from Furniture suggestions through to Colour scheming ideas.

What is the difference between an Online Consultation and a Workshop Session?

Apart from one being online and the other in-person, during an Online Consultation, we can give on-the-spot advice that covers any aspect of design as necessary. These are beneficial for obtaining expert advice in an ad-hoc manner as you require it. These sessions are particularly useful for reviewing plans and layouts.

During a Workshop session we can give on-the-spot advice and also conceptually design on-the-spot. We can also pull finishes together from our extensive design library to assemble a key set of finishes for your home or room. Because you are there with us, we can even select final finishes like flooring, tiles, paint colours and fabrics.

Many clients book an Online Consultation first to review plans / layouts and subsequently book a Workshop session to work out the design of particular areas and / or choose finishes.

What is the "take home" from an Online Consultation?

If we mark up, sketch or make informal mood boards during the Online Consultation, we will be email them to you after the meeting. Since these sessions are advice-driven, there are not always "assets" to take away, so it is important to make notes during the meeting so that you get the most from all the advice you have been offered.

What is the after service of an Online Consultation?

Since this is an "on-the-spot" advice session with an Interior Designer, there is no after service. Many of our clients however are repeat customers who go on to book further Consultations or Workshop sessions as necessary as they move through their Projects.

Could we hire you to work on our project after the Online Consultation?

Booking an Online Consultation does not guarantee or provide a gateway to a follow-on service, as our resource schedule is generally booked for 6-12 months at any given time. Please do book a discovery call if you wish to speak to us about a Full Service Design project so that we can advise you on our current availability in advance of booking an Online Consultation.

It is worth noting that we do not take on Construction projects if the build has commenced, but we can offer Room Design Services in some instances if we have the resource availability at the time.