For this service we provide a fully comprehensive Interior Architecture, Interior Design and Interior Styling service for the project from pre-construction to project completion.

This service is suitable for new build projects, deep renovations or refurbishments, and can be a full house, a portion of a house, or a room.

We meticulously detail all aspects of the space, which often includes unique and bespoke elements conceived for you from our visioning and in-depth brief development.

During this process, we liaise with architects, contractors and tradespeople throughout the build process, and retailers, suppliers & vendors for  finishes, fixtures & accessories for the Interior fit-out.

This service is a very hands-on, bespoke and tailored service, which not only helps you realise the home of your dreams, but alleviates the research, time and energy that would otherwise be required to fulfil a project as such.

Given the nature of this service, we have limited availability each year for Full Service Design projects. This is to ensure the full commitment of our team to our studio projects and to expedite exceptional service delivery to our clients.

If you wish to speak to us about a Full Service Design project, please book a call time to discuss the possibility of us working together.


At what stage should you hire an Interior Designer?

Ideally, your Interior Designer is involved from the very outset of your project.

If it is a construction project, we would need to be involved anywhere from 6- 12 months in advance of construction commencement. This is to allow enough time to design the space in collaboration with you, and prepare all the technical framework necessary for the design to be tendered, costed and built.

If it is a refurbishment, we would need to be involved anywhere from 2-6 months in advance of design installation.

What is the Cost of this type of service?

Each project we undertake is unique in terms of size and scope of service, and can be anything from a full house build to a room design. Our design fees are charged hourly and billed monthly. Our rates are the same for all projects, regardless of size or project location.

Each member of our team has a billable rate, which is outlined to you on our discovery call, alongside an estimate of what the overall fee estimate is likely to be for the entire project. This is always subject to change depending on how a project evolves, but most projects are straightforward in terms of process, and we are very well versed at moving through our project stages in an efficient manner once we are appointed on time.

That being said, the cost of this service is certainly not insignificant, and if it is a large construction project, we may be working on it anywhere from 1-3 years. Smaller scale projects can be designed and completed anywhere between 4 and 12 months.

What is the Design Style of the studio?

Our team are trained to interpret your brief and translate it into a wholly unique and tailored designthat is entirely representative of you, and not us. As such, the designs that we create vary widely from project to project, and we really enjoy the research and variety of working through many types of design styles.

Working with people in their homes is a very special privilege, and we take that role very seriously. So whilst we may not impress a particular design style on our clients, we do try in all cases to create a sense of comfort and relaxation in every project, regardless of its design style. We tend to shy away from spaces that feel overly contrived or staged, but rather endeavour to create an interesting and dynamic blend of cohesion and character through a home. We love to enhance architectural features with beautiful interior design that feels inherent to our clients.